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Program D3 Manajemen dan D3 Akuntansi (Terakreditasi BAN-PT) Politeknik STiBISNIS kampusnya orang Bisnis membuka penerimaan mahasiswa baru. Jalur Penerimaan Reguler ...

Dibuka untuk UMUM Program Pelatihan PERPAJAKAN (Brevet A+B+C)

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    25-26 Oktober Tepatnya di Bukit Lerep Indah ( BLI ) terdengar sorak sorai yang ceria dan lantang berbunyi ...


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1. Sistem Informasi Akutansi.

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Mencetak staf Auditor/ Internal Audit yang mampu menyusun laporan audit dalam bentuk working paper secara profesional.


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Fix cost / Honor Instruktur : Rp. 3.000.000,- ( 15 x Rp. 200.000,- )

Jumlah peserta maximal 10 peserta

Is investor confidence waning in Christchurch

At the beginning of 2015, however, property investors’ nervousness about the CBD’s future was emerging. In February, after months of highs, the ASB Investor Confidence Survey found confidence in Christchurch dropped dramatically.

Investors’ optimism about the region had plummeted by more than 67 per cent at the end of 2014, down from 30 per cent to 9 per cent.

Developers and property investors say while there’s still plenty of possibility and potential, tenants are now hard to track down, prices are high and the consenting process is “hellishly difficult”.

In April, developers Cristo Ltdpulled out of their plans for the BNZ building on Cathedral Squareand four other CBD properties, citing conflict with CERA and lack of tenants. Its money would be better spent in Auckland, company reps said.

“The high end tenants you need to make a building like that, a fairly expensive building, pay, seem to have settled elsewhere and are not really interested in coming right back into the CBD,” Christo director Stephen Bell said.

“We’ve basically shifted the bulk of our investment activities to Auckland. We were going to spend a lot in the central city and we now won’t spend a single cent.”


Developer Richard Peebles said while some areas like Victoria St, which had fallen outside the city cordon and blueprint, were “going gangbusters”, other were stymied by slow progress and uncertainty around government anchor projects. While development along the river cheap nfl jerseys was looking stronger, the very heart of the city, including Cathedral Square, was being left to molder.

“You’ve got the ruins of a whole cathedral just sitting there with no end in sight no one knows what’s going to happen. You have the convention centre on the other side of the square which is all lovely and could be great but it’s a massive project and going to be a few years away so the square itself is really like a war zone. You’d be very brave to build a high rise overlooking the square at the moment.”

For those investors who do complete their projects, filling them is another challenge. The evidence of vacancies in the city is clear for passers by taking a walk around the CBD, with “for lease” signs occupying many of the windows of brand new buildings.

According to Colliers International, 22,790sqm of office space have been completed in the Christchurch CBD post 2011. As of October 2014, 88 per cent had been leased. The 12 per cent vacancy rate compares to around 8.2 per cent in Auckland and 11.4 per cent in Wellington despite Christchurch having much less CBD office space overall.

With many businesses taking five to 10 year leases in the suburbs following the quakes, tempting them back into the city has become a challenging task.

Investor turned developer Ashton Owens is one of the family behind the Wynn Williams building, which was still not fully tenanted.

He said finding tenants was still “fairly tough”, even for buildings like his which were built early on with anchor tenants signed up.

“In today’s market, I definitely wouldn’t want to look at developing without signing up a tenant to begin with. People are still fairly tentative about coming back they’re still looking at all their options.

Owens said many developers were finding it difficult to recoup the increased costs of building especially those who forked out for high level engineering and additional quake safe measures.

“We’ve found now for the increased price of that engineering that tenants aren’t really willing to pay that extra buck for it, and we still have to compete with cheaper buildings. It’s gotta be tough now in the city because a lot of the A grade tenants are taken and the cost of building has gone up so the margins are definitely a lot smaller. People really need to assess the market.”

But Peebles remained hopeful that the big companies who had absented the city would make their way wholesale nfl jerseys back in.

“Sure, the big rush of tenants has dropped off, but they’re coming back. Some are taking longer than others, but to be honest I’d be more nervous if I owned a big office building out on Lincoln Rd or out by the airport.”

Peebles said some of the current dearth of tenants for commercial spaces was partly just the market righting itself and customers getting more wholesale jerseys from china fussy.

“For a few years after the earthquake you could build a tin shed in the middle of a paddock and lease it for $400 a square metre. Now it’s getting back to where wholesale nhl jerseys china it was pre quake where the product has to be right, have the right parking, right outlook.”

While there was currently an oversupply of spaces and dearth of tenants, he hoped to se the picture change over the next few years.

“There’s no doubt that costs are lot higher and it is a real challenge to get it leased but I’m confident things will happen down the track.”

He believed the city’s blueprint would eventually give added certainty to investors about what would surround them but in the meantime the changing timelines and unconfirmed status of large projects including the stadium and performing arts precinct left developers nervous.Articles Connexes:

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