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“Tak Kenal, Maka Tak Sayang” : Pengenalan Kampus Politeknik STiBISNIS

Untuk merealisasikan visi dan misi Politeknik STiBISNIS sebagai pendidikan untuk semua dalam pemgembangan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi tidak saja berasal ...

Pendaftaran Mahasiswa Baru

Program D3 Manajemen dan D3 Akuntansi (Terakreditasi BAN-PT) Politeknik STiBISNIS kampusnya orang Bisnis membuka penerimaan mahasiswa baru. Jalur Penerimaan Reguler ...

Dibuka untuk UMUM Program Pelatihan PERPAJAKAN (Brevet A+B+C)

  Program pelatihan perpajakan untuk memenuhi tenaga perpajakan diberbagai Perusahaan, dimana nantinya diharapkan mampu membuat laporan keuangan untuk kepentingan pengisian ...

Lowongan Kerja 2015 PERUM PERHUTANI

PERUM PERHUTANI adalah BUMN – Membuka kesempatan bagi Sarjana Dan Diploma 3 Untuk Bekerja Sebagai calon pegawai di Perum Perhutani. ...

Malam Keakraban mahasiswa STiBISNIS Oktober 2014

    25-26 Oktober Tepatnya di Bukit Lerep Indah ( BLI ) terdengar sorak sorai yang ceria dan lantang berbunyi ...

Program Pelatihan

Smarter Racing with the Ironman Bike Time Remaining App

The Suunto Ambit comes with an app store that allows you to customize the watch with all kinds of cool data readings. So, I built an App for the Ambit that calculates how much longer you have left on the bike during your Ironman race. This is far better than only knowing how long you have been out there or just how many miles you have gone.

The app takes the average speed of your current lap, figures out how many miles you have ridden, then applies your average speed against the distance remaining. In the example above, I was two hours into a three hour ride, and it calculated that it would take nearly 3.5 more hours for me to finish 112 miles.

This is a much smarter way to race Ironmans. How much time is left is what you are trying to calculate anyway when you look at chrono, average speed, and current speed. This does all that mental heavy lifting for you, live.

When you know how much time is left, you get a reality check that this is going to be a LOOOOONG bike ride and to pace yourself. You also can evaluate the amount of fuel and water you cheap nfl jerseys have left, which is where a lot of people get into trouble.

Below, I took a photo of another screen cheap jerseys that is pretty typical of what people usually show.

You can see that I’m 40 miles in, my heart rate is low from stopping to take the shot, and my time elapsed.

But I can get to the first screen with a single button push, telling me that I will spend another 3+ hours out there to finish 112 miles, it’s getting near 10 AM, so let’s put on some sun screen. I used this app during Ironman Texas and LOVED it. For example, knowing that I only had another 20 minutes left before I needed to run was fantastic!

Here’s what it looks like while you are making in app in Movescount, Suunto’s web based software that controls your watch. Pretty cool

Simple inputs tells me how much longer I’m going to be on the bike, based on how far I’ve gone and how fast my last lap was. If you don’t cheap nfl jerseys create laps, it will just use your overall average speed. You can move the sliders around and it will show you sample results on the right.

What is super cool is that any app you use on your Ambit will also graph its results when you download the data. From my actual race, here is Ironman Bike Time Remaining decreasing from 7 hours at the start to just 2 minutes near the end (in orange).

You can see how the time would start increasing if I slowed down, but decreased gradually over the entire ride. If you want to look at the app in more detail, you can find it here.

What is amazing is this is only one of around a thousand apps for free in Movescount. And the amount of variables that wholesale nba jerseys you can use to make your own apps are mind blowing. If you want the watch to flash its backlight and beep six times every time you climb a hill that is over 10% grade, but less than 11%, I’m pretty sure you could build that.

For example, here’s my effort at building a Normalized Power app (for bike power meters).

I eventually got in over my head with all the complicated math, quit, and then found a better one that somebody else had made anyway. (Smart move.)

Any Suunto Ambit can do one app, and the new Ambit 2 and 2 S models can run multiple apps AND can also pick up watts from power meters. Good stuff for sure.

Does this give you some ideas? I bet it does. I’ve got an Ambit 2 S on the way for Emily to train and race with, and I oredered my own Ambit 2 (longer batter life) for the longer events I like to do. Can’t wait. :) Articles Connexes:

Top 7 Pointers for Email Etiquette

Email etiquette is important for communicating more effectively and efficiently with others. If you have ever received emails that were poorly written, took too long to get to the point or had unsolicited attachments so large they literally slowed down your computer, then you know what I mean. The less confusion and misunderstandings caused by email, the more productive your business will be, saving you time and money. Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you sit down to write an email:

Use an appropriate subject line.

You need to have a subject line that is meaningful and on point if you want it to get opened. There are just too many emails vying for attention, so using a generic subject, like “Hi”, or worse, not using one at all, will be either ignored or relegated to the bottom of the inbox.

Emails are not the place wholesale jerseys for writing your autobiography or a novel. Be respectful of other people’s time by being as brief and as concise as possible.

Always respect a person’s privacy. Ask permission prior to forwarding an attachment wholesale jerseys china or email.

Writing in all capitols comes across as shouting. Not only is it annoying, but it is hard on the eyes and can be difficult to read.

Flaming (insulting) or degrading another person is wrong, period. If you cheap jerseys china are upset about something (or get flamed yourself), take some time to cool off before responding.

Check for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Especially check for subject verb agreement and run on sentences wholesale jerseys which are the most common errors.

If you are not sure of the spelling of the recipient’s name or how h/she prefers to be addressed, take the time to find out.Articles Connexes:

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