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“Tak Kenal, Maka Tak Sayang” : Pengenalan Kampus Politeknik STiBISNIS

Untuk merealisasikan visi dan misi Politeknik STiBISNIS sebagai pendidikan untuk semua dalam pemgembangan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi tidak saja berasal ...

Pendaftaran Mahasiswa Baru

Program D3 Manajemen dan D3 Akuntansi (Terakreditasi BAN-PT) Politeknik STiBISNIS kampusnya orang Bisnis membuka penerimaan mahasiswa baru. Jalur Penerimaan Reguler ...

Dibuka untuk UMUM Program Pelatihan PERPAJAKAN (Brevet A+B+C)

  Program pelatihan perpajakan untuk memenuhi tenaga perpajakan diberbagai Perusahaan, dimana nantinya diharapkan mampu membuat laporan keuangan untuk kepentingan pengisian ...

Lowongan Kerja 2015 PERUM PERHUTANI

PERUM PERHUTANI adalah BUMN – Membuka kesempatan bagi Sarjana Dan Diploma 3 Untuk Bekerja Sebagai calon pegawai di Perum Perhutani. ...

Malam Keakraban mahasiswa STiBISNIS Oktober 2014

    25-26 Oktober Tepatnya di Bukit Lerep Indah ( BLI ) terdengar sorak sorai yang ceria dan lantang berbunyi ...

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Peter Skillern replaces Jan Davis as CEO of Tasmanian Farmers and cheap nhl jerseys china Graziers Association

many people have the degree of diversity in their resume that Peter has, TFGA president Wayne Johnston said this morning when announcing Mr Skillern appointment.

Mr Skillern has managed a group of family companies involved in construction, property development and agriculture.

the TFGA speaks, people tend to listen these days. My job is to maintain and build on that credibility. a wide ranging career, he has also held executive posts with both Environment Tasmania wholesale nfl jerseys from china and the Liberal Party and runs a cheap jerseys prime lamb property.

Davis took our profile to a new level, Mr Johnston said.

Skillern is the person for the times.

in Tasmania is entering an exciting phase of cheap jerseys development, triggered by the irrigation rollout and the closer economic relations we have with China.

landscape is changing. Skillern said he was honoured and excited by the prospect of leading a dedicated team whose record spoke for itself in terms of promoting farming and farmers.Articles Connexes:

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