Informasi Terbaru

“Tak Kenal, Maka Tak Sayang” : Pengenalan Kampus Politeknik STiBISNIS

Untuk merealisasikan visi dan misi Politeknik STiBISNIS sebagai pendidikan untuk semua dalam pemgembangan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi tidak saja berasal ...

Pendaftaran Mahasiswa Baru

Program D3 Manajemen dan D3 Akuntansi (Terakreditasi BAN-PT) Politeknik STiBISNIS kampusnya orang Bisnis membuka penerimaan mahasiswa baru. Jalur Penerimaan Reguler ...

Dibuka untuk UMUM Program Pelatihan PERPAJAKAN (Brevet A+B+C)

  Program pelatihan perpajakan untuk memenuhi tenaga perpajakan diberbagai Perusahaan, dimana nantinya diharapkan mampu membuat laporan keuangan untuk kepentingan pengisian ...

Lowongan Kerja 2015 PERUM PERHUTANI

PERUM PERHUTANI adalah BUMN – Membuka kesempatan bagi Sarjana Dan Diploma 3 Untuk Bekerja Sebagai calon pegawai di Perum Perhutani. ...

Malam Keakraban mahasiswa STiBISNIS Oktober 2014

    25-26 Oktober Tepatnya di Bukit Lerep Indah ( BLI ) terdengar sorak sorai yang ceria dan lantang berbunyi ...


Program D3 Manajemen dan D3 Akuntansi (Terakreditasi BAN-PT)

Politeknik STiBISNIS kampusnya orang Bisnis membuka penerimaan mahasiswa baru.


Jalur Penerimaan

  • Reguler ( Umum ).
  • Kelas Karyawan.
  • Jalur Beasiswa ( Undangan, Yayasan, PMDK ).

Jadwal Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Tahun Ajaran 2016/2017

Di Buka JANUARI 2016 – JULI 2016 

Layanan Informasi

Jl. Majapahit No.25 Semarang, Telp. (024) 8317180

Contact Person : 0857 9972 0951 / 08122989 9942

PIN          : 3280FFAE

Have an Extra Edge at Networking Events

We all attend events promoted as the perfect format to make new contacts and develop potential business relationships. I never stop being amazed how many talented and well educated people often do not know how to maximize these events.

Here are two easy ways you can make the most of networking events.

It simple and cost free. Enlist a co sales professional, friend, or fellow speaker to form a duo.

Here what we do. When we arrive at an event, we alternately separate and come together. I walk up to Susan as she is talking cheap nfl jerseys china to someone, and she say, “Larry, let me introduce you to Patricia Fripp.

Suppose Natalie and Fred are secret partners. As Fred walks up, Natalie says to the person she been talking to, “Jack, I like you to meet Fred. Fred has taught me nearly everything I know about sales and our product line. There has never been a sales contest in our company he hasn won.” Then, Fred can say, “Well, Natalie being very generous. It true; I been with our company for sixteen years. But, Natalie been here for only six months, and she brought in more new business than any other person in the fifty three year history of our firm, so she knows a couple of things too. I tell you, you couldn do better than work with someone as enthusiastic as Natalie.”

2. If You are Shy Volunteer Yourself a Greeter.

Much of the value of meetings can be lost if you are retiring or cheap nhl jerseys fundamentally shy. For many people, mingling with a room full of strangers can be an unpleasant or even scary experience. Seventy percent of the population rates themselves as at least “situationally shy,” says Susan RoAne in her networking books.

I encourage you to focus on all those exciting new people and messages instead of the butterflies in your stomach offer to take a job that requires interacting with other attendees. For instance, when you wear a name tag with a ribbon that says “Greeter” you can issue name tags, sign up people for work shops, or just direct traffic: “How do you do? I cheap jerseys china Chris Carter. Nice to meet you. Name tags are here. Food is there. How do you do? I Chris Carter. Nice to meet you.” Soon you met many new people and will get cheery nods of recognition throughout the event, making them more responsive and at ease.

A Bonus Thought About Connecting

The key to connection is conversation. The secret of conversation is to ask questions. The quality of the information you receive depends on the quality of your questions. If you have a conversation it may lead to a relationship. A relationship could lead to new business. A business relationship when nurtured can and will lead to long term success.

So What are You Waiting For????

Put on your best and go meet some new people!!!

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